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Michelle Lewis Sandall

Inclusive education advisor
Michelle Lewis Sandall is an education management expert with 16 years’ experience in international development across Asia and Africa. This work has had a strong focus on inclusive and girls’ education, gender, protection, vocational education and skills development, and education in emergencies. Her previous experience has included: assessments and reviews of programmes; senior project and programme management; institutional capacity building in areas of organisational development and strategic planning within Ministries of Education and civil society, and designing, writing and sourcing funding for proposals for institutional donors.  Michelle also is a trained teacher, working for ten years in Australia within secondary schools and working as an inclusive education coordinator as well as teaching English and History. She is currently finishing a Masters on Inclusive Education through Leicester University, with a view to further study.

Michelle is committed to working in the field of inclusive education, having seen first-hand both in Australia and in developing countries the benefits that education has for overcoming the multiple effects of inequality. Much of her work has focused on addressing the barriers that marginalised and vulnerable children face in accessing quality education, including those with disabilities; those affected by abuse, poverty, conflict, prejudice or exploitation; and orphans and children affected by HIV/AIDS . Michelle is also motivated by working with teachers, parents and students who live and work in difficult circumstances, but are still excited by education and the potential it affords for all children and youth.
  • Programme management (Mongolia, UK, South Sudan, Nigeria and Norway)
  • Strategic planning (Mongolia, Nigeria, Norway, South Sudan, Nepal and USA)
  • Proposal writing  and sourcing of funding for both humanitarian and development programmes (Mongolia, Peru, South Sudan, Sudan, Papua New Guinea, Uganda, Nigeria, Thailand, Somalia, Myanmar, Ethiopia) for EU, DFID, USAID, AusAID, Norad, CIDA and GIZ as well as private donors.
  • Workshop facilitation, including workshop curriculum and design (Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Mongolia, India, UK, Norway and Denmark)
  • International conference presentations (India, UK, Uganda, Kenya and Thailand)

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