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Julie Marshall PhD

Reader in Communication Disability and Development,

Dept. of Health Professions, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.

Julie is a British Speech and Language Therapist and academic, who has over 28 years’ experience working in Africa.  She holds a PhD in Culture and Communication Disabilities and an MPhil on knowledge about communication disabilities in Tanzania, in addition to her extensive field experience.

Julie has been educating speech and language therapists in the UK and training qualified therapists and other professionals, in both the UK and Africa, for over 25 years and has worked as an academic since 1991. Julie is an experienced researcher, mainly using qualitative research methods, and has received funding to carry out research in the UK, Uganda and Tanzania. She has published more than 28 papers in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters and many articles in professional and service user publications.  She has delivered lectures and seminars world-wide and to a wide range of audiences.

Julie supervises PhD students and is passionate about supporting other people, whether members of the public, professionals, research students or academics, to develop as researchers. She is particularly interested in research that will support the design of services including public understanding of, and knowledge about, communication disability, and understanding how culture influences services for people with communication disabilities.

Julie has contributed to the design, delivery and monitoring of university programmes to educate speech and language therapists in the UK, Uganda and Ghana, as well as supporting the development of the speech and language therapy profession in a number of countries. Julie particularly enjoys working with people who support children with communication disabilities in low and middle-income countries.  She has considerable experience of designing and running responsive training programmes for service users, service planners, international development professionals, academics and health / education professionals about communication and communication disability.

Julie joins the Communicability Global team as a specialist researcher and trainer and experienced author on communication and communication disability in development contexts.

Selected publications

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