Communicability Global

Inclusion for people with communication disability


Chance for Childhood is implementing  projects for children with hearing and / or communication difficulties in Northern Rwanda and their families.

The Education Equality and Empowerment project is unique in East African Region: it identifies children with hearing and / or communication difficulties in their own communities and places them in mainstream schools with appropriate support. Chance for Childhood train local teachers and provide Learning Support Assistants in classrooms to support children with  communication and other special educational needs.

For children with severe and profound difficulties, Chance for Childhood offers family training on communication, play, feeding and cognitive development to help families to support their children at home. The Chance for Childhood staff help families to establish lcoal support networks so that they are no longer isolated and can begin to engage in small income generating activiites to support themsleves.

Chance for childhood is also supporting the development of Rwanda's Special Schools' Curriculum and Inclusive Education Guidleines for teachers in mainstream schools to ensure that communication disability is high on te agenda and teachers know how to support children in class.

Communicability Global initially provided support to deliver a Theory of Change Workshop with the Chance for Childhood team. We then developed a strategic plan for the programme and beyond, provided staff training in  communication disability, provided clinical expertise to children with communication difficulties awaiting school placement and helped the organisation to plan and deliver a series of residential family training events. Work with the organisation is ongoing, and more exciting developments are planned!