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Mainstreaming Communication Disability

Communicability Global is proud to collaborate with Manchester Metropolitan University and UNHCR Rwanda as we seek to improve policy and practice for the inclusion of refugees with communication disability across humanitarian services

Access to sexual and gender-based violence prevention and support services for refugees with communication disability in Rwanda
Our work with UNHCR Rwanda and Manchester Metropolitan University continues, as we look forward to designing and testing new innovations. Read a summary of our 2018 project here, and look out for updates as we take this exciting work forward in 2019!


Our newest guest blog for Development Pathways on the role of social protection in promoting dignity for people who experience disability, is now live! You can read it here.


Our latest work in Rwanda involved using the Humanitarian Innovation Guide to help us work with Manchester Metropolitan University, UNHCR Rwanda and implementing partners in the filed, to develop a challnge brief, inlcuding a problem statement, to take our work on improving access to sexual and gender-based violence prevention and support services for refugees with communication disability. Find out more about our experience of using the guide by watching a short video of Julie Marshall's reflections here


This year Helen presented our work with children with complex needs in Rwanda at the UNICEF/ILO/ODI Universal Child Grants conference in Geneva. Slides can be accessed by signing up here and a blog about the child disability grant parallel session, here.

Julie also presented our work on access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Education for refugees with communication disability, at the Speech Pathology Australia conference in Brisbane (June 2019).


Communicability Global and UNHCR Rwanda have been partnering on a number of projects since 2015, including working with refugee-survivors of sexual and gender-based violence, who have a communcation disability and improving identification and registration of refugees with communication dsiability. Read more about our projects here.

Communicability Global and Chance for Childhood have been working together since 2015 to improve educational and social outcomes for children with communication disability in Rwanda. Read more about our work here.

Communicability Global and Strive Foundation Rwanda have formed a partnership for disability inclusion

Communicability Global and Manchester Metropolitan University have a MOU to work together to improve access to services for people with communication disability in low-resource settings


Do you work with people with communication disability in low and / or middle income countries? Are you thinking about it? Check out Communication Therapy International - they support SLTs and other professionals from high income countries to make sure their work in LMICs is as effective, ethical and sustainable as possible. Find them on twitter @comm_ntherapy, facebook (CTI communication therapy international) or on the web:

Communication is a fundamental human right