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Inclusion for people with communication disability

Who are we?

Communication is a fundamental human right, yet people with communication difficulties are under-recognised, misunderstood and chronically under-served, particularly in resource-limited settings. Communication difficulties can lead to an increased risk of social exclusion and isolation, subjection to stigma and an increase in vulnerability to abuse, particularly in children. Often, it has a significant impact on a person's ability to be economically independent and included in family and community life. 

Communicability Global provides expert advice on service development and provision for people with communication and learning disability and on social inclusion in under-resourced settings world-wide. We aim to raise the profile of communication disability as an important issue to address in development programming in under-served countries - particularly in health, educational and social service development.

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Seminar: 'Understanding SGBV against refugees with communication disability' - Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. 20th June 2017. Tickets available here!

Communicability Global and Strive Foundation Rwanda form a new partnership for disability inclusion


Bespoke packages for
professionals and service users

Proposal-writing, programme design, strategic planning, implementation and review

Specialists in qualitative research training, planning, implementation and analaysis

Assessment, advice and intervention for people with communication difficulties

Helping people with restricted communication to access services

Communication is a fundamental human right